Posted by: esa | December 30, 2010

configure network virtual interface on netapp storage

Using vif command on netapp storage :

vif create [single|multi|lacp] <vif_name> -b [rr|mac|ip] [<interface_list>]

vif add <vif_name> <interface_list>

vif delete <vif_name> <interface_name>

vif destroy <vif_name>

vif {favor|nofavor} <interface>

vif status [<vif_name>]

vif stat <vif_name> [interval]


example on fas2020 :

vif create multi vif1 e0a e0b ( press enter )

Add ip address on interface vif :

using command :

storage_name> ifconfig vif1 netmask up

storage_name>ifconfig -a ( for check ip configuration )

storage_name.>vif status vif1

Don’t forget to add routing and default gateway, use this command ( example ) :

storage_name>route [-fn] add|delete [host|net] <destination> [ <gateway> <metric> ]

storage_name>route add net 1




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