Posted by: esa | January 18, 2011

scan new disk on solaris with netapp storage SAN connection

This just summary from my experience . the connection all device already configure with fc, like  SAN switch,netapp storage, and server solaris ( same zoning on san switch or using open zone ). install and configure host utility kit for solaris from netapp.

on solaris terminal :

#cfgadm -al

Ap_Id                                                  Type                       Receptacle                        Occupant                         Condition

c2                                                          fc-fabric                  connected                        configured                         unknown

c2::500a098287f93622       disk                           connected                   configured                    unknown

look at a bold item, this mean lun already for configure on solaris, use this command for configure the lun :

#/usr/sbin/cfgadm -c configure cx

i will configure from above bold item:

#/usr/sbin/cfgadm -c configure c2

where x is thecontroller number of the HBA where the LUN is expected to be visible.If you do not see the HBA in the output, check your driver installation to make sure it iscorrect.

Result: The system probes for new devices. When it finds the new LUNs, it might generatea warning about a corrupt label. This warning means that the host discovered new LUNs that need to be labeled as Solaris disks

next, using format command :


Searching for disks…done


0. c1t0d0 <SUN36G cyl 24620 alt 2 hd 27 sec 107> /pci@1f,700000/scsi@2/sd@0,0

1. c1t1d0 <SUN36G cyl 24620 alt 2 hd 27 sec 107> /pci@1f,700000/scsi@2/sd@1,0


4. c5t60A9800043346859444A2D36702D6B69d0 <NETAPP-LUN-0.2 cyl 2046 alt 2 hd 16sec 128> /scsi_vhci/ssd@g60a9800043346859444a2d36702d6b69


Specify disk (enter its number): 4


Disk not labeled. Label it now? y

follow all process for formating disk , refer to your experience on solaris operating system.

don’t forget, mount the disk & edit vfstab file.

if you having problem….please don’t hesitate to use google… 😀 😉





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