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Upgrade data ontap 7 to 8

Customer buy FAS3240, after powering up and connect to serial console, i see ontap version by default was installed on this system using data ontap 7.3.5P1, customer need upgrade to data ontap 8 because want feature on it’s new generation ontap. First time for me to upgrade data ontap 7 to ontap 8, it’s very easy. Download ontap software from now website, the latest software on this version is 8.0.2.  I’m download with .zip extension. configure ip address e0a eth, i doing this upgrade using web server on my laptop.

on console use command :
filler > software update http://webserveraddress/

wait for several minute, after finish upload prosess, than reboot the filler…

after system up, check filler ontap version with this command.

filler > version



Posted by: esa | July 12, 2011

veeam backup,data protection

Veeam Data protection

Posted by: esa | May 30, 2011

snap reserve aggregate

Default snap reserve for aggregate is 5 % , and this  can be adjusted.

You can check aggregate snap reserve on NetApp storage with this command :

filler > snap reserve -A aggr_name

example :

filler > snap reserve -A aggr1

to addjusted use command :

filler > snap reserve -A aggr_name 1

for my experience, will be set to 1 % or 0 ( zero ) . My reason, because snapshot aggregate needed for recover to some or all volume, and this rarely  to recover volume for me… 🙂 .

But if you are using aggr syncmirror, snapshot reserve for aggregate cannot set to 0 ( zero ).


Posted by: esa | May 24, 2011

VMware Site Recovery Manager Demonstration

Vmware site Recovery Manager Demo

Posted by: esa | May 23, 2011


on NetappTV

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